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Please practice stewardship by giving of your Time, Talent and Treasure.  Your voluntary service and financial support are essential.


Shenandoah Springs Soap is available for sale in the foyer before and after every Liturgy.  This luxurious scented soap has lots of added moisturizers and skin care ingredients.  Yes, it costs more than regular soap but, not only does it have no harsh chemicals, it is heavenly in another way.  Profits go to support our church. Cash or check accepted.  Special or bulk orders are welcome.


The setting up and taking down of the chapel for Divine Liturgy is vital to our Mission.  We are in dire need of volunteers willing to make a regular commitment to help.  Anyone over the age of 15 is invited to help by coming 20 minutes early or staying 20 minutes after the end of Liturgy.  Max Luckey is the leader of this effort.  He can be reached through his mom, or 540 636-9399.



 A group of parishioners meet each Saturday before Diving Liturgy with our cantor to practice the hymns and proper for the day.  We meet in the large common room behind the chapel.  All are welcome to join us